How do I achieve my dreams my goals

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Do you want to achieve the best and highest in life?

Do you want sustainable growth in your life?

Follow the +(plus) – (minus) = (equal) philosophy

+/-/= is credited to Frank Shamrock, one of the best UFC champions, who had an amazing record of a four-time defending undefeated champion, before he retired and became a Coach

First, identify an area of your life which you want to improve dramatically.

It could be Money, Relationships, Skill, Profession, your chosen sport or art – it has to be specific

Second, +(plus) means to identify those who are better than you and role model them and learn from them.

I heard this story that P Gopichand (All England Badminton Champion and now Coach to PV Sindhu)

would focus on the 2 best players in one league above him. In school, he would aim at 2 best at district, once he reached district, he focused on 2 at regional, once he got to regional, then 2 at national and then 2 at world level.

Third, – (minus) means identify those who are lesser skilled than you and train them. Becoming a teacher makes you a better student. Giving is always more fulfilling than achieving

Fourth, = (equal) means always have a peer set or colleague set who challenges you to improve and become better. They should be at as a high skill level as you and hence, watching them and learning from them, will help you improve

That’s the +/-/= philosophy

How will you action it today?

Who will your role model,

who will you teach and

who will be your buddy set?

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