Are you being Stupid

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Are you in a rush?
Are you outside of your comfort zone?

Chances are, right now
you are taking a
STUPID Decision
Which you will regret later

Stupidity is overlooking or dismissing conspicuously crucial information

Adam Robinson lists 7 factors for Stupidity in Farnam Street podcast (link here)

1. Being outside one’s usual environment or changing routines
2. Rushing or hurrying: combine the 1st and 2nd and chances of stupid increases dramatically
3. Physically or emotionally stressed
4. lost in thoughts or being preoccupied or task which requires intense focus
5. too much information
6. In a group of homogeneous individuals
7. In the presence of an expert: combine the 6th and 7th and one get 100k hospital errors in US

How do you make sure, you are
taking the right decisions?

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