Its all about looking back and saying

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I get it.
Life is Hard.
It sucks

But if you say to me,
I was not able to (fill in the blanks) because life is hard.
then You are Wrong!

Billie Jean King once said
“It’s all about looking back and saying”

Saying what?

Whatever you want to design your life as
Use that to write your own script

“Must be easy for her to say that, she does not know my life” you may say

Billie Jean King is a person who was not allowed
to be part of a tennis tournament group photo
because she was not wearing a skirt.
She was 11

She had to fight for her equality every way
face innumerable taunts as a woman

Had to play a match with a male tennis player (former no.1)
just to start the debate on equality

She won 39 Grand slam titles

“It’s all about looking back and saying
I put all my effort and energies on those few values
which mattered to me the most
My life is my message

share in the comments below

What is the One Thing you will do today
which will make you proud of
yourself tomorrow?

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