Are you a butterfly or caterpillar?

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I was in pain.
Out of breath.
Ready to give up.
I did not want to practice for a marathon.

I did not want to go back and
eat a restricted diet.
I wanted to indulge.

The bed was beckoning me.
Let me just crawl back to it.

On the street, I was bent down,
hands on my knees, ready to give up

Then, I reminded myself why I was up here,
at 6 am, with my running shoes and
my blisters and
my heavy breathing.

My pain reminded me of my purpose.

I had to do this else I was going to be wheeled into
a surgery which I wanted to avoid.

I remembered the smirk of the doctor
“No medicine can solve this, surgery is the only option.
Actually, lifestyle change can but you won’t be able to do it”

I am grateful for that doctor, eternally.

He gave me a purpose to change my lifestyle

I looked up at the distance to cover and said
“Here’s to the future which is coming my way”

And started running again

We all want to be the butterfly and
experience the freedom

We have to be the caterpillar
who goes through the pain in the present
for the future butterfly

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What is one action you will take, however painful
to build the future you want?

What practice will you continue, however painful
to build the future you want?

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