I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself

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“I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself”

This was the Top Regret of the dying

When Bronnie Ware tended to the dying,
She often found them full of regrets
and this was the top one (her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying)

Do you want to leave by having this regret?

Or do you want to Reclaim your life?

Instead of living a life of
“I should have done that”

Live a life of
“I gave it my best shot”

Whatever you have been postponing

Take that step


Now !

Cave you fear to enter, has the treasure you seek

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Cave you fear to enter
Has the treasure you seek
– Joseph Campbell

What are you afraid of right now?
What about the future, scares you?

You may want to begin a startup,

start a new job or a relationship,

a new fitness regime or

move to a new city

Fear will be the first reaction

You are not alone in feeling this

What makes the difference is
When you tell yourself

“Whatever I seek in life
is across this chasm of fear” 

What cave do you want to enter today?

Discomfort is the price of admission to anything meaningful

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What is most meaningful for you in life?

Do you truly, passionately desire it?

What discomfort are you ready to face for it?

Everything good in life has to fight inertia

Coming out of the inertia means coming out of the comfort zone

Coming out of comfort zone equals
Pain, uncertainty, discomfort

Before you start chasing your dream
Ask yourself

Am I ready to pay the price for it?

because once you make that decision
that I am ready and willing

then Discipline is Freedom

How the Mighty Fall

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Are you focused and one pointed or

You have many projects, priorities and distractions?

Jim Collins in his book “How the Mighty Fall” says

Undisciplined Pursuit of Many is the cause of the fall and decline

What is Your One Thing for the Year

Which guides your month, week and day?

Use Stephen Covey’s Urgency-Importance matrix to decide on your priority for this month, this week and


What is that One Thing which if you took Action on Today

will make everything easy or unnecessary?

Who has the remote control of your life?

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Who has the remote control of your life?

You or someone else?

The best way to answer this Q is

Ask yourself:

What is my number 1 priority?

Is this decided by me or someone else?

If you don’t prioritize your life, Someone else will – Greg McKeown

Be  clear on what you really want
that One Thing 

that One Thing if you did,

it would make everything else

easier or unnecessary?

then design your life around it

What is more important – Execution or Planning?

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Execution or Planning?
What is more important?

Harry Truman said “Imperfect action is better than Perfect Inaction”

How many times we have 
got the world’s best idea
and we never executed it?

How many hours we have spent on “fine-tuning” the plan
Only to never execute it?

The best moment to start is


Are you hunting alone?

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4 hunters alone can catch a rabbit, together they can catch a Deer

What are you hunting alone?

Is there a way you can colloborate?

In  1755, Swiss philosopher

JeanJacques Rousseau said

“Together the pie will expand”

We, humans, have survived because

We colloborate, partner, team up

Are you encouraging your teams

To collaborate or compete?

Ask yourself

Whom will you team up with today?

Who can you partner with today?

What motivates you?

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Goals, tasks, To-do?
Is there something deeper than that?


Values are Vector

They give force in a specific direction
said Elliot Jacques in his book Requisite Organization

Values are powerful when
they are simple to understand

eg Authenticity is what you say, 
what you do and what you feel 
are the same

As leaders, what Values are you driven by?

If you want to understand this deeper, check out my 2 min video

Do share with me in the comments

My first act of free will is to believe in free will

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Free will or destiny? 
What do you believe in?

William James, the father of American psychology,
wrote to himself

“My first act of free will is to believe in free will”

if you believe that you have free will,
you will have power over your life

Imagine what your life,
your day, your week
would be if you had all the power?

to shape your life as you want? 

to be a sculptor of your Masterpiece? 

What is your act of free will today? 

What is Coaching and How to be an Effective Coach?

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Almost a decade ago, my tryst with coaching started.

I was a hotshot corporate executive. I was part of a business transformation exercise and was assigned a coach.

My first reaction was “Why would I need a coach? I know everything.” Besides my coach was not from my industry so “what would the person tell me which I didn’t know?”

I was a complete skeptic to the process when I went into the first interaction. Over the course of the year, I was humbled by the person and the process. My coach brought out so many insights about me and my performance that it opened new doors for me.

I became a complete convert to coaching and was trained in Breakthrough Coaching.

Over the years, the coaching industry has matured, but understandably there are still doubts on how an ideal coach should be.

In the absence of a clear idea, individuals going through the coaching process could lose out on the transformational magic of coaching. Organizations would lose out on time and money.

What I am sharing with you today is my experience, in both the roles, as a Coach and a Coachee (a person who is being coached).

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