Should I make changes at the start or at the end?

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You wake up hurriedly from the bed,
after hitting the snooze button 10 times
somehow gobble something and rush out of the door,
bag and clothes flying in all directions.

Rush hour traffic, millions of to-dos in the head,
maybe phone calls from morning.

“sorry , I am late, traffic”
best start for an early morning meeting
which leads to another to another

Maybe some time, in between to snack
while typing furiously on phone or computer

Late night hours for that important meeting coming up or
deadline to finish work/report/(fill in the blanks)

Staying late in office to beat the traffic and nibbling on the side

Come back home, dead tired

Watch the latest season on netflix till 1am
“I am unwinding” you say to yourself

“Can’t sleep, damn why can’t I sleep”
toss around in bed

next day morning alarm rings
Repeat cycle

This is what we call life and then we wait for
weekends to play and unwind

If we can’t sleep or relax,
we hammer our sleep in shape
with tricks or techniques

if we can’t get more from life,
we “burn the midnight oil”

We are always trying to fix our life at the end of the day,
end of the week
“Once I get this job/project/grant, then my life will be fine”

What would it be like, if we stop hammering and start designing?

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What is one Action you will take to
lead an intentional life?

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