Are you a Craftsman or Manufacturer?

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What are you manufacturing today?

“I don’t manufacture” you may say but you do. If you are worried about input (how much effort/time/money I am putting in) vs

output (Is this really worth it? Why am I working? What am I getting out of it?)

then you are a manufacturer

I am all for productivity because productivity by definition means input/output ratio

However, if we are not clear of the “Why” then we might be a digging a hole than manufacturing something

What is needed is for us to be a craftsman

Approach your life/year/week/day as a craftsman approaches the work

A sculptor looks at the rough rock in front and chisels a masterpiece out of it

Her practice becomes better as she practices her craft every day

Her focus is on excellence in work, not a perfect output

What areas of your life can you stop worrying about input/output? and be excited about creating a masterpiece?

What actions would you need to do today, make a masterpiece out of your



Drop in comments

one action you will take, which will make you better than yesterday

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