what to do when i don’t feel like doing anything

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“I don’t feel like getting up right now”
Press the snooze button

“I don’t feel like doing any exercises”
Press the snooze button on body

“I don’t feel like going out with my friends or partner even though I commited
Press snooze button on relationships

“I don’t feel like saving right now, I want to buy this new shiny toy”
Press the snooze button on financial health

“I don’t feel like have an intentional life”
Press the snooze button on Life

If we let feelings decide our present,
we are mortgaging our future
at a very high interest

We have to build the right
Values – identity – dharma pyramid
to design an intentional life

What to do when I am in grip of these feelings?

Here’s a cognitive behaviour tip:
Ask yourself
“What is the cost of this behaviour?”

If I don’t feel like exercising and I don’t
I will lose physical fitness

If I don’t keep commitments with people
I will lose quality relationships

If I don’t do mental gym exercises
I will lose mental and emotional fitness

These are real costs with real consequences

Doing what is right and what we are committed to
is our purpose of the moment
it is the Dharma in the moment

Not doing it will have painful consequences

Now that we have taken refuge in intentional living
Do we want to bear the heavy cross of painful consequences?


Then get out and do the action you have committed to

share in comments

What action you will take which
you have committed to yourself?

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