If I fail, does it make me a failure

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I failed at the exam and I felt like a total failure.
It was raining heavily and for a moment,
I felt like throwing the answer paper into the rains.

I felt like a total failure

Fearing the worst, I went home only
to find my problem reframed.

Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) says
Those with fixed mindset, see events as a
validation or confirmation of how good they are

Hence, when they fail,
they feel like a “failure”

Those with growth mindset treat failure
as a challenge to be grown out of
as learning to be implemented
as an action to be taken to improve
as a necessary step for growth

Failure is an event,
it is not an identity
it is not who you are

Whether you have failed in
an exam,
a relationship
a business
a project

It does not make you a “failure”

Look at it as an event
to learn from
to grow from

drop in comments

What failure in your life,
did you use as a stepping stone
for learning and growth?

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