Is your GPS giving you wrong direction?

ability to navigate is muscle
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I lost my way.

I was in thick woods and at an elevation,

with my daughter along with me.

Google Maps was pointing in a direction which was a dead end.
What to do?

We used the human algorithm ie asked a person the way up.
“Look up and keep climbing” the person said

That was the best advice we got
We eventually reached there

“Ability to navigate is a muscle, use it or lose it” Yuval Harari

In a world of sensors, cloud computing and hi-speed net, why do we need to navigate?

Because there is a bigger sense of uncertainty, being adrift, lost in the currents of time

We all need to pick our North star,
we all need to find our personal compass

to understand this more, watch my video (click link here)

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What is the one action you will take today
to identify your north star?

What is the one action you will take today
to better navigate your life?

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