Its not possible to be detached and still achieve Goals

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“What is this detachment nonsense?
How can achieve anything without thinking about goals and results?
If I just ‘be in the present’ I will just laze around and
become direction less, right?

Wrong !

Larry Gelwix, the high school rugby coach, has 419 wins and 10 losses in his 26 year career with 20 national championships

His mantra:
We always WIN

“There he said it, Win, its always about results isnt it?


WIN is short for What’s Important Now

Gelwix always made sure his players were always focused on the present
not tomorrow not later
but right now, what is important?

This focus on the present,
this constant vigilance
of not allowing the mind
to jump around in past or future
is Detachment

Yoga calls this doing your Dharma
Dharma is to always act in the present
what’s important now?

What’s your process?
What’s your practice?
whats important in your practice?
In your process

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Today, right now, for you,
what’s Important Now?

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