Learning by Osmosis

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Have you heard this before?
We are the average of the five people who surround us.
Who surrounds you?
What is the impact they have on you?

I heard this term “Learning by Osmosis”

Osmosis means the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge

Without knowing, you are transferring ideas to and from the people surrounding

If you surround yourself with the best, the chances of you playing your A game increases.

Ask yourself?

If you want to play soccer at the world class level,
do you want to play with your school level or
the best in the world league?

If you want to become world class at any sphere of life:
physical, financial, relationships, mental or emotional,
surround yourself with the best

Learn from the best

Learn by Osmosis

Drop a comment below
Which area of your life would you
like to be world class?

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