How do I motivate myself?

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What do you get motivated by?
Results, Goals, Checklist, Money, Title, Position?

And what happens when you get them?
Whats next?

Is it a summit to climb or a bottomless pit of desires which only sinks like a quicksand?

Daniel Pink in his seminal book Drive, highlighted the importance of Intrinsic Motivation. What’s that?

Intrinsic Motivation is when the work itself is the reward –
the act of doing the work itself is the source of fulfillment

Look at how a sculptor approaches his work or
Zen master approaches meditation – its only about practice, its about chiseling the masterpiece , every day

Daniel Pink talks about three important ingredients for delicious dish of fulfillment at work

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

If you want to be fulfilled, you need to experience this

If you have people working for you then
they need to experience all the three qualities so that motivation to do work is never in question

Elliot Jaques would call this as the making of a Requisite Organization

How are you bringing these 3 elements in your life?

Drop in comments
what one action will you take today to bring mastery in your work?

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