Do you feel that you have no choice?

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Do you feel as if the remote control of your life is someone else’s hands?
Do you feel that you have no choice?

Do these thoughts make you feel powerful?
Off course not!

Then don’t think those thoughts

“Oh, it’s easy for you to say it. You don’t know my situation.
I really don’t have a choice!”

Yes You have !

Yes You Can,
exercise your choice

If nothing else,
you can choose how you want to feel right now

You can always find at least one thing you can be grateful for right now

This is not positive thinking or affirmations

This is recognizing the fundamental truth of life ie

We always have a choice to feel and think the way we want in every situation

“The ability to choose cannot be taken away or given away,
it can only be forgotten” – Greg McKeown

What will you choose today?

Need help? Make this choice

“I choose NOT to Suffer”

Drop in comments

What is the one decision you will make today
which will create a powerful mental state?

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