Do you behave like an owner of your business?

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You are the leader of the business and the team and hence, you obviously own the results. And everything which happens between now and the results. But does your team own the business?

Why does this matter?

Are your employees coming to the office just to collect the paycheck? Then there is a serious problem. If the job, for them, means a vehicle to get a “bigger” or “better paying” job somewhere else, then, there is a problem. When someone says “I just follow instructions. If something goes wrong, it’s my boss’ problem” there is a serious problem.

When you own the business as if it is your own, you don’t wait for instructions. You are always on the lookout for opportunities. You will always want to be one step ahead of the competition.

You will be the first one to knock on the customers doors. You will be out where it is required to see how your consumers taste and preferences are changing.

You will be the “brand ambassador” of your company even if you may be the janitor in the office.

Ownership mindset is the rocket fuel in your business’ success.

This ownership mindset will make them see every decision as something which either adds value to the business or not.

Then whether it is giving this discount to the customer or not or

whether to make the production run for this product or the other or

whether to run the campaign for this product or not,

the ownership mindset will show them the right direction.

Would you like your employees to behave as owners?

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