how to improve the quality of your life?

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Quality of our life will depend on how much, each of is prepared, to take responsibility for ourself – Margaret Thatcher

You know this, isnt it?

Your quality of life, your experiences
Your sense of fulfilment
totally depends
on how much
You take responsibility for your life

William James went from suicidal thoughts
to becoming the father of modern psychology
by saying “I take full responsibility of life”

What I love about Margaret Thatcher’s quote is
how she has identified it as a skill
“Each of is prepared”

which means it’s not a one-time decision
it’s something you practice

Taking responsibility is something
you prepare for every day
till it becomes your identity

Start with action
then make it a habit
make it your routine
so that it becomes a
part of your identity

share in comments

what is one area of your life
which you will take
100% responsibility for
today and everyday?

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