Why we cant say no?

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How good are you at saying this?
“How can one be good or bad at this?” you may ask.
Steve Jobs said “Focus is the ability to say No”

And we are surrounded by people, situations and things which want us to say “Yes” to a million things

Right now, there may be a notification
from social media
or email or message
which may have popped up on your screen

It’s trying to get your attention
it wants you to say
“Yes, I will read it now”
“And drop this important act I am doing now”

There could be a colleague or
some other person
who will walk past you or
message you in next 15 mins
asking for your attention

They want you to say “Yes”
to their important thing

The more “Yes” you say to others
the more “No” you will say to
what is important to you

The less you will achieve
what is important to you, for you in your life

This inability to say NO comes from
our Need to Belong

We want to be good to everyone
we seek belonging,
a sense of communion

That is good

What makes us human
is our need and ability to collaborate

That does not mean
it will come at the cost of
what is important to you
that One Thing which is your focus

You must say No with Grace

To say Yes
to your One Thing
to your most important thing/relationship/situation
to your life

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What is one NO you will say
to focus on your One Thing?

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