My situation does not allow, what to do?

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I don’t have time for fitness/reading books/family.
I don’t have money to start a business/to study.
I don’t have time for myself

As Bernie Roth in his book The Achievement Habit says
These are GOOOOOD reasons ie excuses we give to ourselves

If you don’t have time for fitness,
do 5 mins of practice

If you don’t have time for reading books,
read while waiting for appointments, bus, subway, uber or in transit

If you don’t have time for family,
make time!

If you don’t have money,
give your services for free.
learn from it,
get a paying customer

If you don’t have money to study,
there are many free courses now on Coursera, Khan Academy

Don’t let situations define you

Let your hustle and determination define your destiny

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What is one area in your life,
where you will take action and
not wait for “ideal situation” ?

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