Do you want to be strong?

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Strength or Resilience,
what would quality would you like to have?

While all of us admire strength
(which technically is the force to move things and to withstand pressure)
what matters in life is
Resilience –
the ability to bounce back quickly or
to come back to shape immediately or elasticity

The difference between champions and losers is
both have tasted the dust of defeat
only Champions always bounce back

They always have energy for another fight

They have the flexibility to adapt and learn from every situation

They have the grit to keep coming back,
with a new and different approach
and again and again
till it works

Resilience is the deep conviction that
no matter what life throws at me
I will always come back,
bounce back and adapt and win

Resilience comes from the deep conviction that
no matter what life throws at me
I have the resources to come out of this situation flying

Resilience comes from practice,
practice and some more

Resilience comes from Discipline of
showing up and practicing everyday
because Discipline is Freedom

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what is one area in your life,
where you will build resilience?

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