how to be more creative?

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Do you wait for inspiration?

The magical act like a soft breeze, caressing your mind with a deft touch or words softly spoken in your ears, creating an avalanche of ideas, making you race for the chisel or the pen, furiously expressing the creative force bursting through you

How romantic!

Let’s keep waiting while the greats in arts, music or science keep toiling away every day, as they inch closer to their masterpiece

Wait, aren’t the highly creative people led by the muse and wait for its soft whisper?

“I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.”

William Faulkner

He started writing every day 9am no matter what the condition

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How to work hard and Play hard?

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Work hard, Play hard.
Work when you have to work, play when you have to play.
Don’t mix them up.
Wrong !

The more we compartmentalize our life,
divide life into neat, precise slots
the more we will break down

Life is messy, it’s full of surprises
its meant to be lived fully
experienced fully

Not divided into boxes and squares

Play means doing an activity for itself
the activity itself is the reward

There are no carrots for the horses to eat
there is no high or fix waiting at the deadline

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