How do I find my purpose?

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Do you have a purpose in your life?
How did you find it?

If you don’t have one, how will you find it? Will you stumble upon it one day?

Evan Carmichael says that Pain gives purpose

This is so true

If you look back in your life, there was a time when you stumbled, fell, maybe went deep inside an abyss but
came back fighting, clawing your way back out of that dark pit

You know the feeling and you will never forget the decisions you made to pull yourself out

How about helping someone going through the same?

If you got busted in your business and came back roaring,
help budding entrepreneurs

If you lost your drive for physical fitness and came back to make it a sustainable habit,
help the youngsters who need direction else their energy will go the wrong way

If you failed in your exams and then found a way to crack the exams, created the system,
then help those who are  struggling

If you were ever suicidal and almost took the leap but stopped and turned your life around,
man the suicide helplines – help someone not to take the leap

There are a million ways we can help people and
feel fulfilled, feel human

Because helping someone else in pain is Being Human

Find your pain, find your purpose

Help someone today

To have a better future

Drop in comments:

What painful experience of yours will you
convert into your purpose?

Do You Want To Change Your Life For The Better?

Reading Time: 7 minutes1938. Karoly Takacs was writhing in pain. The 1936 world class pistol shooter had just shot his right hand. His right hand by which he would hold his pistol.

The pain of the extinguished hopes was more than the physical pain. Everyone looking at him said “A great career which could have been has just ended” Or did it?

By 1939 i.e. in a year’s time, he won the National Shooting Championship. Olympics was cancelled in 1940 and 1944 due to World War 2. Finally in 1948 Olympics, after waiting for nine years, he wold the Gold medal and also in the next Helsinki Olympics in 1952.

He won all these championships by his LEFT Hand.

Back in 1938, He could have easily moaned in grief and led a victim’s life which everyone would have shown sympathy to. Instead he rose above his physical and mental challenges and achieved the impossible.

You may say “I am not an Olympic Athlete. How is this relevant to me?”

Let me ask you: “Do You want today to be better than yesterday?” If yes, then this is for you.

Because if you focus on the very core aspects of your life then your today is going to be better than yesterday.

What are these core elements?

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