Are you a Craftsman or Manufacturer?

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What are you manufacturing today?

“I don’t manufacture” you may say but you do. If you are worried about input (how much effort/time/money I am putting in) vs

output (Is this really worth it? Why am I working? What am I getting out of it?)

then you are a manufacturer

I am all for productivity because productivity by definition means input/output ratio

However, if we are not clear of the “Why” then we might be a digging a hole than manufacturing something

What is needed is for us to be a craftsman

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How are you making Choices?

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How are you navigating through the avalanche of information?

Peter Drucker said

“When the history of this generation will be written, what will be talked about is, the unprecedented change in the human condition”

He added

“People will have to learn to handle manage themselves but, Society is unprepared for this

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How do I stop judging

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You are Wrong! You should be doing it this way. Why can’t you understand?

This is not the way it should be done. When will you realize you are wrong?

Would you like hearing the above?

Every day, every moment?

Off course not!

Then, why do we have these voices in our head?
“Voices? I don’t have them” you might say

Hear closely.

They are very much there, like little green monsters waiting in the dark to pounce.

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How do I achieve my dreams my goals

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Do you want to achieve the best and highest in life?

Do you want sustainable growth in your life?

Follow the +(plus) – (minus) = (equal) philosophy

+/-/= is credited to Frank Shamrock, one of the best UFC champions, who had an amazing record of a four-time defending undefeated champion, before he retired and became a Coach

First, identify an area of your life which you want to improve dramatically.

It could be Money, Relationships, Skill, Profession, your chosen sport or art – it has to be specific

Second, +(plus) means to identify those who are better than you and role model them and learn from them.

I heard this story that P Gopichand (All England Badminton Champion and now Coach to PV Sindhu)

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What do you look for in a person?

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What do you look for in a person
when you want to get into a relationship
which could be business or personal?

Warren Buffet says that the No.1 quality that he seeks in people, he wants to do business with, is

Because Trust is the foundation of Human Experience
Would You agree?

and somewhere Trust is like a SIP – a systematic investment plan

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Do you have the Growth Mindset?

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What does a Challenge mean to you?

Success and Failure, Or
Something exciting to learn from? 

Do you believe that Success is
decided only if you have talent


You believe that Success can
come for those who
put in the hours, the work? 

If you chose the second option
for both, then you have 

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What is the story you are telling yourself?

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You may say “What story?”
The story of your life. We all have a story of how our life has been and what will happen to it

Question is: does your story inspire you or

make you feel helpless?

Is your story defined by your past or

is it shaped by your future?

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Cave you fear to enter, has the treasure you seek

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Cave you fear to enter
Has the treasure you seek
– Joseph Campbell

What are you afraid of right now?
What about the future, scares you?

You may want to begin a startup,

start a new job or a relationship,

a new fitness regime or

move to a new city

Fear will be the first reaction

You are not alone in feeling this

What makes the difference is
When you tell yourself

“Whatever I seek in life
is across this chasm of fear” 

What cave do you want to enter today?

Discomfort is the price of admission to anything meaningful

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What is most meaningful for you in life?

Do you truly, passionately desire it?

What discomfort are you ready to face for it?

Everything good in life has to fight inertia

Coming out of the inertia means coming out of the comfort zone

Coming out of comfort zone equals
Pain, uncertainty, discomfort

Before you start chasing your dream
Ask yourself

Am I ready to pay the price for it?

because once you make that decision
that I am ready and willing

then Discipline is Freedom