Why you will under estimate your future

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I had done it again.
I stopped something mid-way again
moved onto the next shiny thing coz “I was not getting results”.

I was in a hurry.

I got up at 6 am and slept at 12 pm and worked throughout.
I was sure, this was my next big thing.

Next month, I dropped it to move to something else
Next month, same pattern and again and again, till the end of the year,
none of my new year resolutions were met.

“Let a thousand flowers bloom” I said.
Inside I knew, I had blown up another year,
doing a lot, achieving nothing

Bill Gates said
“We overestimate what we can achieve in one year and
Underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years”

Once I discovered Yoga, I discovered my “Deliberate Practice

This phrase was coined by Anders Ericsson
the relentless pursuit of mastery in one thing and one thing only

In a few days, few months, you may have nothing to show
but once you clock in the years, the foundation becomes stronger
and you pull ahead of everyone around
as the Law of Compounding kicks in

Yoga calls this Abhyasa –
continuous, without stoppage, long term, relentless practice – a necessity for achieving the highest in life

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What is your One thing?

What is that One thing for which you can dedicate
10 years of your life
for learning and mastery?

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