Its all about looking back and saying

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I get it.
Life is Hard.
It sucks

But if you say to me,
I was not able to (fill in the blanks) because life is hard.
then You are Wrong!

Billie Jean King once said
“It’s all about looking back and saying”

Saying what?

Whatever you want to design your life as
Use that to write your own script

“Must be easy for her to say that, she does not know my life” you may say

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Learning by Osmosis

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Have you heard this before?
We are the average of the five people who surround us.
Who surrounds you?
What is the impact they have on you?

I heard this term “Learning by Osmosis”

Osmosis means the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge

Without knowing, you are transferring ideas to and from the people surrounding

If you surround yourself with the best, the chances of you playing your A game increases.

Ask yourself?

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If I fail, does it make me a failure

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I failed at the exam and I felt like a total failure.
It was raining heavily and for a moment,
I felt like throwing the answer paper into the rains.

I felt like a total failure

Fearing the worst, I went home only
to find my problem reframed.

Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) says
Those with fixed mindset, see events as a
validation or confirmation of how good they are

Hence, when they fail,
they feel like a “failure”

Those with growth mindset treat failure
as a challenge to be grown out of
as learning to be implemented
as an action to be taken to improve
as a necessary step for growth

Failure is an event,
it is not an identity
it is not who you are

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how to be successful?

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Are you fed up of reading and listening about success hacks?

There are just too many posts (1 millions tips for this, ultimate guide of 1 gazillion tricks) and videos on how to be successful.

And the reality is this

evan carmichael said “Success is Habits”

Success is not a Pole Vault or a number or a destination

Success is habits: persistent, relentless, massive action, day after day and then some more

Success is not output

Success is input, input and input and them some more

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How do I motivate myself?

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What do you get motivated by?
Results, Goals, Checklist, Money, Title, Position?

And what happens when you get them?
Whats next?

Is it a summit to climb or a bottomless pit of desires which only sinks like a quicksand?

Daniel Pink in his seminal book Drive, highlighted the importance of Intrinsic Motivation. What’s that?

Intrinsic Motivation is when the work itself is the reward –
the act of doing the work itself is the source of fulfillment

Look at how a sculptor approaches his work or
Zen master approaches meditation – its only about practice, its about chiseling the masterpiece , every day

Daniel Pink talks about three important ingredients for delicious dish of fulfillment at work

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how to improve your future

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Do you want to know what you did in your past?
Are you interested in knowing the consequences of your past actions?


Simple: look at your physical, mental, emotional state today

Your past actions have left their imprints on you through habits and consequences

You never really need to know why you did something or what you did

If you want to know about your past actions, the present is the mirror

And what about the Future?
Do You want to know your Future?

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Do you feel that you have no choice?

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Do you feel as if the remote control of your life is someone else’s hands?
Do you feel that you have no choice?

Do these thoughts make you feel powerful?
Off course not!

Then don’t think those thoughts

“Oh, it’s easy for you to say it. You don’t know my situation.
I really don’t have a choice!”

Yes You have !

Yes You Can,
exercise your choice

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Does more information lead to better decisions?

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How many data points do you need to make a decision?
3, 30, 300

As the information increases, will your decision become better? NO

A famous research on gamblers revealed that as the information increased, the accuracy remained the same but the confidence increased!

What does that mean?

When we get more information,
our confidence and conviction in our decision increases

We become prone to “Conviction” bias (yes, there is such a thing) which means we become confident of the outcome just because we are confident

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How do I find my purpose?

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Do you have a purpose in your life?
How did you find it?

If you don’t have one, how will you find it? Will you stumble upon it one day?

Evan Carmichael says that Pain gives purpose

This is so true

If you look back in your life, there was a time when you stumbled, fell, maybe went deep inside an abyss but
came back fighting, clawing your way back out of that dark pit

You know the feeling and you will never forget the decisions you made to pull yourself out

How about helping someone going through the same?

If you got busted in your business and came back roaring,
help budding entrepreneurs

If you lost your drive for physical fitness and came back to make it a sustainable habit,
help the youngsters who need direction else their energy will go the wrong way

If you failed in your exams and then found a way to crack the exams, created the system,
then help those who are  struggling

If you were ever suicidal and almost took the leap but stopped and turned your life around,
man the suicide helplines – help someone not to take the leap

There are a million ways we can help people and
feel fulfilled, feel human

Because helping someone else in pain is Being Human

Find your pain, find your purpose

Help someone today

To have a better future

Drop in comments:

What painful experience of yours will you
convert into your purpose?

Are you a Craftsman or Manufacturer?

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What are you manufacturing today?

“I don’t manufacture” you may say but you do. If you are worried about input (how much effort/time/money I am putting in) vs

output (Is this really worth it? Why am I working? What am I getting out of it?)

then you are a manufacturer

I am all for productivity because productivity by definition means input/output ratio

However, if we are not clear of the “Why” then we might be a digging a hole than manufacturing something

What is needed is for us to be a craftsman

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