Are you a butterfly or caterpillar?

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I was in pain.
Out of breath.
Ready to give up.
I did not want to practice for a marathon.

I did not want to go back and
eat a restricted diet.
I wanted to indulge.

The bed was beckoning me.
Let me just crawl back to it.

On the street, I was bent down,
hands on my knees, ready to give up

Then, I reminded myself why I was up here,
at 6 am, with my running shoes and
my blisters and
my heavy breathing.

My pain reminded me of my purpose.

I had to do this else I was going to be wheeled into
a surgery which I wanted to avoid.

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Do you want to be strong?

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Strength or Resilience,
what would quality would you like to have?

While all of us admire strength
(which technically is the force to move things and to withstand pressure)
what matters in life is
Resilience –
the ability to bounce back quickly or
to come back to shape immediately or elasticity

The difference between champions and losers is
both have tasted the dust of defeat
only Champions always bounce back

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how to get perspective?

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I was out of breath.
I was walking rapidly. I stopped.
I noticed I was out of breath.
Because I was walking fast.

And all because the treadmill of thoughts, was moving fast.
Moving fast but reaching nowhere

I paused, looked around and it took me a time to re-orient myself

Even though I was in familiar surroundings,
I was, so lost, in my thoughts.

Has this happened to you?

This maddening rush to somewhere,
this maelstrom of thoughts
only to realize you are disoriented and
lost your compass

If yes, the best part comes now

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how to improve the quality of your life?

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Quality of our life will depend on how much, each of is prepared, to take responsibility for ourself – Margaret Thatcher

You know this, isnt it?

Your quality of life, your experiences
Your sense of fulfilment
totally depends
on how much
You take responsibility for your life

William James went from suicidal thoughts
to becoming the father of modern psychology
by saying “I take full responsibility of life”

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Is How more important than What?

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I was burning the candle at both ends.
I was working as a solopreneur on multiple projects.
My days were busy, my calendar was full, What’s to complain?
I gave up.

I had to stop and reset.

Being clear on the biggest point of my impact helped me narrow my focus.

What really made the journey fulfilling is when
I started partnering with the best in the world

I had so much to learn from them
They helped me raise my game

They helped me work with global clients
and with world-class practices

“Who you work with and what you work on
is far more important than How”

Naval Ravikant said this on Tim Ferris show

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Why you will under estimate your future

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I had done it again.
I stopped something mid-way again
moved onto the next shiny thing coz “I was not getting results”.

I was in a hurry.

I got up at 6 am and slept at 12 pm and worked throughout.
I was sure, this was my next big thing.

Next month, I dropped it to move to something else
Next month, same pattern and again and again, till the end of the year,
none of my new year resolutions were met.

“Let a thousand flowers bloom” I said.
Inside I knew, I had blown up another year,
doing a lot, achieving nothing

Bill Gates said
“We overestimate what we can achieve in one year and
Underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years”

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how to detach and let go

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I almost cried.

My box, full of assignment and cyclostyled (imagine how ancient it was) research papers, from my institute days,
was being thrown out.

It was like a part of me was going away

I felt I lost something very valuable that day.

I was in grief

Over the next few days, I actually felt much lighter.
Space which it occupied was free.
I could walk in that space without tumbling over the boxes.

How attached are we to our possessions?
A lot

We invest our identity into it, our memories into it,
our deepest emotions into it

All material things will decay and perish

And when we attach ourselves to perishable things,
we are riding the roller coaster of emotions with more downs than up

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Is your GPS giving you wrong direction?

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I lost my way.

I was in thick woods and at an elevation,

with my daughter along with me.

Google Maps was pointing in a direction which was a dead end.
What to do?

We used the human algorithm ie asked a person the way up.
“Look up and keep climbing” the person said

That was the best advice we got
We eventually reached there

“Ability to navigate is a muscle, use it or lose it” Yuval Harari

In a world of sensors, cloud computing and hi-speed net, why do we need to navigate?

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Its all about looking back and saying

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I get it.
Life is Hard.
It sucks

But if you say to me,
I was not able to (fill in the blanks) because life is hard.
then You are Wrong!

Billie Jean King once said
“It’s all about looking back and saying”

Saying what?

Whatever you want to design your life as
Use that to write your own script

“Must be easy for her to say that, she does not know my life” you may say

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Learning by Osmosis

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Have you heard this before?
We are the average of the five people who surround us.
Who surrounds you?
What is the impact they have on you?

I heard this term “Learning by Osmosis”

Osmosis means the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge

Without knowing, you are transferring ideas to and from the people surrounding

If you surround yourself with the best, the chances of you playing your A game increases.

Ask yourself?

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