How to dominate the competition?

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Speed is the number one competitive advantage you need to have for a successful business.

If you don’t have it, develop it or perish.

We all have heard the story of hare and the tortoise. What is needed in today’s times is the persistence of the tortoise and the speed of the hare. Grant Cordone in his book 10X Rule calls it “Smokey”

Speed is the number one competitive advantage you need to have for a successful business Click To Tweet

In today’s connected and hyperactive world, you have to be one step ahead of the competition. The only way to do that is Speed.

How fast do you adapt to the customer’s needs? Do you throw the contract or company procedure when your customer wants a modification? Or do you take it as an opportunity to build a better stronger relationship?

Are you the first in the door when the customer starts his operations? If you are servicing a retailer, are your trucks the first to enter their warehouse? Are your counter salesmen the first when the shutters are opened?

I recently saw a retailer apply last month’s promo code on a purchase because the display person had not removed the last month’s promo even at 3pm in the afternoon when the store opened at 10am!

At every step of your relationship ask how can your service be faster and better?

At every step of your customer relationship, ask, how can my service be faster and better? Click To Tweet

Do you send your customer weekly updates on the industry? Can you switch to twice a week? Are you visiting your top 20 customers thrice a week? Can you make it every day or four times a week?

Are you present on weekends when the customers’ own sales are maximum eg for a retailer?

Do you have a servicing or technical person posted in your Top 10 customers? This makes sure they don’t have to call you if something breaks down.

Whatever the competition is offering, make it faster and better.

How are you beating the competition?

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