He who knows the Why of his existence

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“I can’t bear this pain.
This is too much.
I don’t know a way out of this.
I am stuck if only I knew
HOW to get out of this situation”

If you are clear of the Why,
the purpose behind your action
you will always find your way

He who knows the Why of his existence, can bear any of the How

Victor Frankl (also attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche)

Think about the last time,
when you were crystal clear
about why you were doing, what you were doing

It could be a fitness routine or a project or a sports routine
or you were learning a dance or a language

You always found your way around, your motivation
You were even convinced that the discomfort was necessary and temporary

And now, recollect a time when you kept asking yourself
“Why am I even doing this?”
you literally had to drag yourself to do it,
there was no motivation
Every minute seemed like an hour
and you gave up so many times

When you are driven by a purpose, by your dharma
you don’t need any motivation
you don’t need any direction

You make your own way

Dharma need not be complicated

Right now, your dharma could be to clean up your room
your Dharma could be to call your dear one
your Dharma could be to be tie up the loose ends on various projects
your Dharma could be to tidy up your life

Once we are clear of the ‘Why’
‘How’ does not stop us

Every obstacle, every adversity
spurs us on, eggs us on
brings out the best in us

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What action will you take which
you have committed to yourself?