How do I stop judging

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You are Wrong! You should be doing it this way. Why can’t you understand?

This is not the way it should be done. When will you realize you are wrong?

Would you like hearing the above?

Every day, every moment?

Off course not!

Then, why do we have these voices in our head?
“Voices? I don’t have them” you might say

Hear closely.

They are very much there, like little green monsters waiting in the dark to pounce.

As soon as we observe others in action, these voices will immediately start jumping in your mind, grab your attention, making you have furrow in your brow.

Before you know it, you will get irritated and angry.

“Why can’t other people be proper?”

It could be a person dropping a spoon or a car suddenly turning into your lane or a person jumping the queue in front of you


Someone near and dear to you is saying or doing something “wrong” as per you

We are always judging others

Behind Judgement is the non-acceptance of the other person

Behind judgment is the non-acceptance of the other’s individuality

We judge based on our past experiences, values and expectations

Judgement is also the absence of Curiosity

Curiosity helps us discover the other person’s emotional landscape

Treat the other person as an undiscovered territory

Apply all your emotions in understanding the motives, values and conditioning of the other person

If you do not have the opportunity to do the above, tell yourself

“He has a different value system than mine” or

“He has a different perception than mine”

How will you apply curiosity in your life?

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