how to get perspective?

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I was out of breath.
I was walking rapidly. I stopped.
I noticed I was out of breath.
Because I was walking fast.

And all because the treadmill of thoughts, was moving fast.
Moving fast but reaching nowhere

I paused, looked around and it took me a time to re-orient myself

Even though I was in familiar surroundings,
I was, so lost, in my thoughts.

Has this happened to you?

This maddening rush to somewhere,
this maelstrom of thoughts
only to realize you are disoriented and
lost your compass

If yes, the best part comes now

All it takes to come out of this mental tsunami is to press

Pause this frenetic pace, for a moment and
Just breathe

“When we pause machines, they stop
When we pause humans, they start”

Dov Siedman

In that pause, we re-assess our life, our journey so far
our assumptions and most importantly, our beliefs

“In each pause, I hear the call”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What is one area in your life,
you will pause and reflect?

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